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How long is a session and what does it cost?

One psychotherapy session lasts one hour. If the session includes meditation, Nidra, or yoga, it can last up to an hour and a half. One session costs 150 CHF. If you have Swiss supplementary insurance that covers "Psychologues FSP", the session can be partially reimbursed.

How long does the therapy last?

The type of therapy I propose stems from what we call "brief therapy". Not to be understood as "superficial" ! Where some therapy approaches shine a broad spectre light on the problem at hand, the Palo Alto approach allows us to concentrate the analysis like a laser in order to go straight to the heart of the problem. The efficiency of the work is my responsibility, through my preparation and work on the material that you have brought, as well as through the tasks you will put into action between the sessions. I will be very clear on one thing: to make certain that this therapy helps you to move forward so that you see its effect on your life. It happens that some people continue in therapy though they are unsure whether it is useful for them. Others are afraid of stopping, as they wish to avoid hurting the therapist. However, that will not happen with me. You and I will verify at every session how you are moving forward.

I'm not suffering from a mental illness, can we still work together?

Certainly ! Systems therapy is applicable to a large variety of problems, things that we can all run into at some point in our life. These can be issues related to stress, burnout, or anxiety. Other issues can be difficulties with communication, various relationship issues, couple issues, parenting problems, sleeping disorders, depression, a sudden onset of the blues that doesn't seem to go away by itself, loss of confidence in your capabilities, self judgement, career orientation, work-related issues, body image or eating disorders, mourning, chronic pains, traumas, addictions.

How do I know that you are the right therapist for me ?

A therapeutic relationship is like all human relationships: chemistry and common understanding are part of what makes us feel good with another person. In the therapeutic relationship there is an additional factor, because therapeutic approaches and methods vary. In order to discover whether I'm the right therapist for you, let us meet for one session and discuss what you are currently going through. I can explain in more depth how I work and then you can decide whether we should work together. What is certain is that our discussions, my questions and our explorations will remain close to your everyday life and that which is a burden to you, here and now. Although we might explore subtle dimensions of your experience such as dreams, symbols, meaning of events and visions for your future, my aim is quite pragmatic : My commitment to you is that our work have tangible positive effects on your life.

What happens during a therapy session?

In the first session, we explore together what has brought you here, the problems that you wish to resolve, or the wound that you wish to heal. If this is not yet clear for you, I am here to help you see more clearly. We define together, in concrete terms, the problem we wish to resolve. That analysis is already an important step in the therapeutic process. When we have reached a common understanding of the knot you need help to unravel, I will suggest various tasks for you to accomplish in your everyday life. The tasks are always customized: to who you are, how you function, the people involved in the situation, how you feel about it. The tasks are tailored to you at each session. During the following session, we explore the effects of these tasks, and how they might have changed your experience of your life situation. The accomplishment of the tasks brings on new realizations, and these generate information that form the basis for continuing our work and gaining new understanding.

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