The meeting point of discipline and softness

A guided journey through your mind


Psychotherapy is a collaborative introspective process and it can be enriched by meditation and yoga practices. These practices open another window through which to contemplate, as you silence your mind and listen to your body. Our mind is a miraculous tool for thinking that allows us to do unfathomable things. Yet sometimes it becomes narrow, rigid, produces loops, and loses itself in itself. The mind can take over and the jabber of thoughts can prevent us from seeing and thinking with clarity. We can have the impression that our mind has become our greatest enemy. At times the intensity of life creates such a high level of stress that it seems impossible to experience deep rest, nourishing sleep, or the tranquility and clarity needed for making a right choice. We can add a guided meditation on a specific issue to our therapy sessions or focus on learning meditation and/or yoga techniques.

Our mind is a miraculous tool that allows us to do unfathomable things

In the practice of meditation and Nidra, we enter into the work directly via the mind, and in Shakti Yoga, we enter through the body. These practices can be complementary to the psychotherapy, or an alternative to it, as another porthole into the exploration of that which has brought you here. In my work, I also offer these practices “stand-alone”. They are powerful tools of personal development in and of themselves. In addition, I teach Yoga Nidra and Shakti Yoga to groups in the context of women’s circles. If you want more information on these collective experiences, feel free to contact me.

There are parts of us that we can only hear through silence
There are parts of us that we can only hear through silence

Sitting meditation is an invitation to enter into silence and discover the beauty of coherence. We can clear the mist of confusion, create a path of focus through our conflicting thoughts. These are simple techniques, but they are often quite difficult to implement if you are a beginner and alone. If you have not yet practiced meditation, I would be honored to teach you.

Meditation is about becoming friends with who we are, freeing us from our harsh judgement of ourselves

Meditation is a way of training your attention as well as a change of attitude towards yourself. On the level of thoughts, meditation is about becoming friends with your mind, to diminish its role as a tyrant, and allow the mind to find home to its role as our best ally, at the service of our life and of our flourishing. It allows you to explore subtle and creative territories of our your that lie beyond those of the rational mind. On the level of your relationship to yourself, meditation is about enlarging the perspective on who you are. By freeing you from harsh judgement and developing true kindness towards yourself, you are able to connect to new aspects of yourself, your potential, and your creativity. Through open and loving acceptance, you discover wholeness and how the contours of your life becomes softer. Life situations become less threatening. Challenges seem less dramatic. Your trust in yourself grows day by day. Meditation is the meeting point of discipline and softness. It is like two wings of a bird: mastery over the mind (discipline) and self love (softness).

Meditation as the meeting point of discipline and softness Meditation as the meeting point of discipline and softness
Meditation as the meeting point of discipline and softness

Yoga Nidra

In our acheavement-oriented society, rest is often underrated. When in fact the art of rest can be a super powerful source of creativity, inspiration, pleasure, and joy. Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation that is practiced lying down in a position of total comfort. In this state of zero desire for movement, an unequaled receptivity emerges, and the pure pleasure of comfort dissolves resistance and brings relief to our over-stimulated nervous system. As you settle, I guide you on a journey through different layers of your consciousness, through states of wakefulness, hypnosis, trance, and sleep. Your brain moves through Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta waves, without you making a single effort. As you journey through these spaces you are able to connect to the deliciousness of deep quality rest. It's an extremely nourishing and restorative practice. Through practicing Yoga Nidra you can heal insomnia, anxiety, all forms of stress reactions. It boosts your creativity and intuition. By inviting you beyond the narrow scope of the rational mind, it helps you to solve complex problems or deal with specific questions related to your life. It can be a great help in alleviating chronic pain. As a patient, you will get access to resources of guided Nidra sessions that you can practice at home.

Shakti Yoga

Shakti Yoga is a form of yoga created by women for women. This feminine and fluid yoga invites your body to flow through circular movements that connect you to the way your body naturally wants to move, in order to unblock our joints, our emotions, our tensions. Shakti Yoga connects us to pleasure, joy, and love for ourselves. It is an intimate and personal practice that I teach individually and in groups. For more information, you can contact me. I will be happy to explain to you in more depth how this works and what benefits it can bring you.

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